technical editing

A new path has emerged over the past few months. I am excited to finally share that I have branched into the field of technical editing!


I first started test knitting and “looking over” patterns for sock designer Josiah Bain almost two years ago. This evolved into actual tech editing rather than taking a casual-glance-for-errors. It is him that I have  to thank for giving me the practice and opportunity to jump into this new field!

I am completing an online technical editing course to solidify my skills while working on growing my client base of knitting designers. To date, I have completed 15 pattern edits in 2016. The majority of them came to me in the past three months.

Check out more information on my tech editing page. My rate is reasonable (if I do say so myself!!), and I currently have a turnaround time of less than a week if needed.

I am so humbled that a knitting designer would seek my input for modifications and improvements to their patterns. The knitting community is amazing!


Special thanks to Caitlin Anderson, an awesome graphic designer that created my new logo from a sketch I sent to her!


As always, thanks for reading!

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