malabrigo march: the homestretch

So far, my first Malabrigo March has been pretty successful.  (For a quick recap of what “Malabrigo March” is all about, check out my last post.)  I had 11 projects planned.  Out of those 11, I have added two more to the list for a total of 13 projects – oops!  I have started six and finished three, which is pretty good, since there are still a few days of this month left!

Here was my list of planned projects:

  1. Monsoon Shawl
  2. Bloomsbury
  3. Trestlewood Mittens
  4. Collina Cowl
  5. Block Mittens
  6. Structured Alpaca Cowl
  7. Eldora
  8. Ringa Hat
  9. Endpaper Mitts
  10. Pogonip Hat
  11. Featherweight Cardigan

I added in another Collina Cowl…and actually hope to start a third.  Yikes!  What am I thinking?  I won’t even mention that I’ve been doing a test knit project for a designer this month, as well…and two other projects that are non-Malabrigo.

In the spirit of my last post, I decided to do a comparison of my current progress.  Here was the progress on March 15:

Hahahaha….what I was I thinking – 2 sweaters in one month? LOL 😉 (besides other things)

Annnnd…drumroll please!  Here is my current progress – sarcastic comments added at no extra charge: 🙄

Look at that progress!
Look at that progress!

I am even further now than when I snapped this photo a few hours earlier.  The shawl has been washed and blocked, and I am just about done with the sweater body.  Other than that, my fingers are furiously knitting!  (Hmmm, this doesn’t sound very relaxing. 😉 )

My first project I finished was my Pogonip Hat.  Strangely, it was the project I started and finished all in the same day!  I guess it’s not too surprising, since I used Rasta, which is Malabrigo’s super bulky yarn.  I LOVE this hat!  (And, it matches my new hot pink coat perfectly, which is always important.)  You can check out my project notes on Ravelry here.

Find the pattern for sale here on Ravelry.

The second project I finished was my Collina Cowl.  I also LOVE this – I have worn it almost every other day!  Again, check out my project page on Ravelry for lots of notes (and more photos), including how I finished this cowl with a seam.

Find the pattern for sale here on Ravelry.

The photos aren’t the greatest quality, as I have been using my phone a lot.  What can I say – I am trying to knit fast here, people! 😛 No time for good photos!

I’ll post later this week with some updates and more finished photos (I hope!).  For now, I’ll leave you with this “Before and After” photo of blocking my shawl, which is my third finished project this month:

Yes, folks, that is a yardstick for comparison. And yes, it’s the same shawl.

Before a wash in the sink, my shawl was about 30″ from the top tip to bottom.  After a nice soak, and using flexible blocking wires and pins to shape it, it is now well over the entire yardstick’s length!  It’s amazing what water and wool wash will do. 🙂  Check out my project page on Ravelry for more photos and lotsa notes.

If you’d like some more minute-by-minute updates, rather than once or twice a month updates, check out my profiles below on Facebook, Instagram, or Ravelry!

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As always, thanks for reading!

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