malabrigo march: halfway done!

It’s been pretty quiet on here (again), but I have a really good excuse (again).  Malabrigo March comes every time this year – or “Mal March” – which is a magical time of knitting only with Malabrigo-brand yarn.  The Malabrigo Junkies Ravelry forum hosts it every year, and this year is my first time participating!

Basically, you cast on as many projects as you can with this yarn (and then try to finish them). There are contests, KALs (knit-a-longs) for specific projects, and of course, prizes.  I’ve been knitting like crazy since March 1st.

I started planning for this event since I participated in the Stockpile last October, as Mal March is quite “a big deal” as I found out.  I came up with this list of projects to cast on:

  1. Monsoon Shawl
  2. Bloomsbury
  3. Trestlewood Mittens
  4. Collina Cowl
  5. Block Mittens
  6. Structured Alpaca Cowl
  7. Eldora
  8. Ringa Hat
  9. Endpaper Mitts
  10. Pogonip Hat
  11. Featherweight Cardigan

So far, I have started the top 4 items. Some knitters have cast on over 14 projects! Yikes!

(In between these projects, I also finished a pair of test knit socks, and started another test knit! I can’t stop knitting!)

I decided to take a lovely picture of the 11 planned projects, because this is probably the most Malabrigo I’ll have for a while in my stash (this yarn can make a grad student go broke):

Look at all of those projects-to-be ! 🙂

I hope I can start at least one or two more projects before the end of the month – I think this is the only time I’ve wanted March to pass slowly.

Starting with the first project, my Monsoon Shawl was a bit of a headache.  I realized that I have difficulty counting over any amount higher than 15 or 20 – I must have ripped back about 10 times on this when I kept getting the incorrect stitch count.  I am now a pro at chanting each row’s repeat. 😉

Slowly but surely!  Check out my project page for more photos. 

My Bloomsbury sweater has been going much better – except I couldn’t resist making a ton of modifications.  If you are interested in reading the details, check out my progress here.  The best part of this sweater was when I accidentally lined up the neck ribbing with the sleeve lace motif, and the center front body with the center rib stitches(!).  I omitted the back lace, which changed my stitch count.

This photo was taken before I separated for the sleeves. I added a tubular cast on, omitted the lace back, and somehow I “magically” lined up the lace motif with the neck ribbing! Oh, and I went down a needle size for a tighter fabric. Phew.

My third project, a pair of mittens, is also going well.  The only downside is that I have to knit 2!

Um…that’s going to be a mitten?

And finally, my fourth project is moving quicker than I thought it would.  I started this cowl on a whim after finding out the designer is hosting a KAL with prizes in her own group on Ravelry – AND I can still use this project as a Mal March project for prizes! 😉  The only slow part will be seaming the ends together to form the cowl.

This is from just a few days ago…check out the progress I made on it in the first photo of this post!

So, back to knitting for now – wish me luck! 🙄

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

As always, thanks for reading!

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