fab february

Right now I am starting at a sweater quantity of yarn that I added to my virtual Knit Picks shopping cart…their wool sale ended this week, which I evaded, but, they came out yesterday morning with a “red & pink” sale in honor of Valentine’s Day. (Plus an extra 10% off everything on the site…check it out here.)

sigh…Such temptation!

Wool of the Andes Tweed in Papaya Heather, worsted weight | I NEED this pop of color for my wardrobe! | photo from Knit Picks

The last thing I need is more yarn. I have been knitting madly (what’s new about that?) for the past two months. First, I finished a difficult yet rewarding test knit, and secondly, I have four projects on the needles, and two patterns waiting to be typed up, and I need to sew some buttons on two projects. (Plus four more projects waiting to be started.) And all of this should really be done by the end of the month. And I work full time. And I’m an almost-full-time graduate student. (And my horse is getting really fat just standing around without anyone exercising him, just in case you wanted an update about his health.)

Yikes! Who said knitting was relaxing?? 😉

I think I really enjoy (I think?) having so many projects going because (A) it feels like I am tricking myself into believing that I actually might be more productive than one-project-at-a-time (er, that’s false), and (B) I need a project for my different moods! 🙄 Plus, some projects are more portable than others.

And, apparently I am in a Knit Picks mood. All of the projects in this post uses their yarn – except the socks at the bottom (but the needles are KP!)

Currently, I am working on two tests.

Is is a scarf? Is it a shawl? It’s a sharf! …um, maybe not.

I am planning on wearing this on Valentine’s Day 😉 (As long as it’s finished…!) I am testing this for the lovely arohaknits – check her out!

The other test knit is a pair of toe-up socks, which I am making two-at-a-time. I believe these are only my second pair of toe-up socks, besides a mini-practice-pair. I am planning on saving them for a birthday later this year. (Imagine that – I am early on my gift knitting!)

This is what happens when you try to knit 2 socks at once from 1 ball of yarn. P.S. That’s the same yarn as my test shawl, above!

I am also working on two personal projects. One still needs to be knit, and the other just needs some buttons to finish it off! These are also the two patterns that have to be typed up still. (And yes, one of them will be in a book next year! Eeek!)

Hmm, does it use one color or two? One skein or three? Questions, questions!
Hmm, will it use one color or two? One skein or three? Questions, questions!

The project for the book is super secret though, so here’s a photo of some knitting with a photo of my horse. I previously shared this photo on Instagram, quite a while ago.

I won’t even talk about the sweater pictured – it has been “resting” for over a year…

Hey Skip! That's not your kind of fiber!
Hey! This is a fiber, but not your kind, Skip!

The last project on the needles is another pair of socks…which unfortunately have been lingering since last April. ❗ (Kind of like that sweater above.)

So close to finally finishing! Just need to complete the gusset and foot.

Other than that, it’s been a great year so far! ⭐ I hope to report back soon with some news about a finished project.

(Does that mean I can buy the Knit Picks yarn when something gets finished? Maybe I should buy it now…in case, you know, they run out….)

As always, thanks for reading!

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