test knit: nehemiah pullover

During this month one year ago, I started my first-ever test knitting project.  I found the Free Pattern Testers and the Testing Pool groups on Ravelry where designers post requests for knitters (and crocheters!) to test out a size of their new pattern.  Knitters have to use their own yarn, but this allows knitters a chance to read through the pattern, offer suggestions, and get a free copy of the new pattern.  I have since found that there are many different designers that post requests – from the newbie with their first design (like me!), to established pattern designers such as Tin Can Knits.

The most enjoyable aspect for me is the chance to talk with the designer and other knitters that are knitting the same project.  Also, (and this is a HUGE bonus for me), there are deadlines.  (Yes, usually we all shudder when we hear that word.)  However, designers need to set a deadline so test knitters know when the pattern will go “live” (for sale), so that all of the kinks are worked out.  These deadlines for me have made me knit WAY more than I thought I could!  (Well, usually.)  Knowing I set an agreement with someone keeps me accountable! 😉

Nehemiah Pullover by Lanie R.
Nehemiah Pullover by Lanie R.

One of those test knits that I haven’t gotten a chance to write about yet is the Nehemiah Pullover by designer Lanie R.  I started this in June and finished August 2!

Yarn from StevenBe in Minneapolis (my first time there!) – Berroco Vintage DK, 3.5 skeins (288y/100g), color 2184 Sloe Berry

It includes dropped shoulders, a scooped neckline, and a neat stockinette stitch triangle at the neckline and into the dropped shoulders. The body and arms are knit in reverse stockinette.

Although the pattern calls for sport weight yarn, I was able to use Berroco Vintage DK, a very light DK.  I used *almost* exactly 3.5 skeins.

(Annnd, I am wearing this sweater as I am typing this post.  It is light, yet has great warmth for the cold winters here!)

Don’t let all of the reverse stockinette stitch scare you.  The sweater is actually knit in the round, then turned inside out!  The sleeves are then picked up and purled down – or, they can be knit and sewn with the purl side out.

Check out my knitting notes here on Ravelry! 

What? What is that green stuff? Right now we have about 12″ of snow…

Although this was one of my longer test knits at 45 days total, I still knit an entire sweater in less than 2 months!!  This is a big deal.

I even entered this sweater in the Minnesota State Fair this summer – it received 3rd place! To read about that, check out my state fair results blog post.

In fact, this is a huge deal – I have knit waaay more sweaters than any other year so far during my knitting time!

So, coming soon: A post about my 2014 sweaters…. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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