malabrigo stockpile: 3 projects in 1 month

My first time knitting with Malabrigo was back in August 2013, when I was knitting the sample for my Hootenanny Band [of owls] headband pattern. I instantly fell in love with the high quality twist in the yarn and gorgeous dyes. However, my next knitting project with Malabrigo wouldn’t happen until a year later – this past August – when I released my Super Simple Cabled Cap pattern. The price of this yarn does hinder a new college grad, yet I knew I’d have to get my hands on more of this yarn.

At the end of September, I discovered that the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry holds an annual Stockpile event in October, which consists of starting and finishing as many projects as you can during that month. I was also eyeing up a test knit – a pullover for myself – and figured that was the perfect excuse to buy some Malabrigo. (And it didn’t help Mr. Yarn was having their anniversary sale during that time, so I saved even more on my yarn purchase! I highly recommend that website for ordering the popular name brand yarns. 🙂 )

I had grand plans of knitting multiple gifts and items, such as hats, cowls, mittens, and of course my sweater, during the October Stockpile, but in reality I was able to start and finish 3 projects….and 2 were for me. (That’s a pretty good count for my knitting speed lately!)

Look at that perfect beanie fit!
First project: Complete in 2 days!

I was so excited to be a part of a group event that I woke up early on October 1 and cast on my Man Hat right away. I ended up finishing it the next day. And, I could not wait until Christmas to gift it. 🙄

Check out my Man Hat project on Ravelry here, or my blog post about it.

I used just under 1 skein of Chunky in color SM Gold. I will definitely be making more!

My second project was my test knit sweater, the Crosshatch Pullover. It’s now available for purchase on Ravelry here! I started October 5 and finished barely in time on the night of October 31. (I was finishing my sweater as my Halloween pumpkin was waiting in front of me to be carved!)


I definitely splurged on the yarn, but it was totally worth it. This yarn is so amazing – it is the Rios line, color Arco Iris. I ended up alternating skeins every row, and I tried out the sewn bind off for the ribbing edges.

Knit seamlessly from the top-down, this is a very pleasing yet simple pattern!

The fit is perfect, and I really enjoyed this yarn. Check out all of my pattern notes here on Ravelry! I hardly made any modifications. Even after blocking, the sweater kept most of its shape and hardly grew for a superwash wool.

I used 5 skeins, and I am so tempted to knit another!
I used 5 skeins, and I am so tempted to knit another!

If knitting a sweater in 27 days and a hat in 2 weren’t enough, I decided I needed to knit one more item. This one was my quick “break” from my sweater; I started on October 19 and finished on the 22nd.

Find the free pattern here. I made a few mods to mine, though! 

This quick little neck warmer used up 132 yards, which was leftover from my Hootenanny Band [of owls]. It’s a great neck warmer, and was so quick! I went up a size on needles and cast on much fewer stitches. Check out my mods on my Ravelry project page

Check out my Ravelry project page link above for all the modifications I made!

If finishing 3 projects wasn’t enough personal satisfaction, and kind of a prize for myself, I also won a contest the group held – the Best Stockpile Photo! All knitters can take a photo of the projects they finished (and didn’t quite finish), and they can be as creative as they want. And yes, me winning means I won MALABRIGO YARN! (See? My knitting is paying for itself…kind of!)

No Mal is Safe – the Malabrigo robber is out!

So yes, although the Stockpile was meant as knitting gifts to get ahead of the holiday knitting rush, 2 knit projects ended up for me and 1 was not really a Christmas present… Maybe I will be able to knit some presents with my prize yarn! (or maybe not… 😉 )

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