a returned gift

I try hard each Christmas season (and birthdays) to knit small gifts for close family members. This means I usually fall back on hats, thick slipper socks, mittens, and the like. However, sometimes I feel extra nice and knit something very special. Last year, the Very Special Knit Presents were a jacket cardigan for my mom (which I test knit, and it was just released on Knitty as a free pattern!), and I also made my Significant Other a nice, tweed, wool hat with a hand-sewn fleece lining for his Sensitive Head.

To learn how I sewed in the lining, check out TECHknitter’s post on how to line a hat, headband style with fleece.

Just don't tell anyone those yellow "flowers" are probably weeds...
Eagle Pine Hat by Suzanne F. | Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed, a worsted weight yarn

So, due to that problem I always seem to have with Gauge, this hat turned out just a tad large. The fleece helped pull in the size, as the fleece is cut to the wearer’s circumference. But, it was still a bit long, so I thought it would work well as a slouchy hat. Check out some more photos here on Ravelry of my finished hat.


My Significant Other was very nice and thanked me for the hat last Christmas when he opened up the present. However, I think I only saw him wear it once or twice since then. And I always bugged him about wearing it more often.

FINALLY, I got the truth.

I guess you could say he is a hat connoisseur, or beanie connoisseur at least. He only likes certain materials next to his skin, and “scratchy” wool would just not do. He also needed them to be a certain tightness – meaning, he only likes Very Snug Beanies. None of this slouchy business.


I have been eyeing the free Man Hat pattern for quite a while – it uses chunky weight yarn (a.k.a. a fast knit), and it looked like a snug beanie.

Combine that with my first-time participation in the Malabrigo Yarn Stockpile event this October on Ravelry, and you have a Significant Other approved-fitting hat!

The Man Hat by Haven L. | My version in Malabrigo Chunky, 1 skein, color SM Gold

The Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry hosts the Stockpile event each October, where projects are started and finished in the month with only Malabrigo yarn, and prizes are involved! As a new fan of this yarn, I just had to participate!

Projects finished are supposed to help give you a head start on the gifting season, but so far, most things have been for me. Stay tuned for more posts about that…

I have had this skein of Chunky since April 2013, as I bought it on a whim and a clearance sale, and knew I could use it up for a hat. I just didn’t have any idea on how colorful it would turn out!!

Look at that delicious squishy-ness.

I quick cast on on October 1 and finished the next day. Since I am so bad at gifts, I couldn’t wait to give it away to my man.

Look at that perfect beanie fit!
Look at that perfect beanie fit!

It passed his “fit test” with flying colors, literally! He loves the soft feel (seriously, this yarn does not feel like wool. How do they do that??), and the colors are acceptable. 🙂

So with that happy ending, he returned his unacceptable hat back to me.

But that’s ok. We have the same head size, so…I get it now!! 😉

Check out my Man Hat on Ravelry for more photos, and my small modifications to the pattern!

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