a knit gift is worth waiting for

How long would you wait for a gift that was hand knit?

My poor mother has waited…not once, but twice! (Well, that was just this year. I’m sure there were other years she has waited patiently to finish a project that I gifted only partially completed!)

First I had knit her the Briargate Jacket. I finished right at prime wearing time, in the middle of winter. (But I forbade her from wearing it, as I planned to enter it in my county fair – and now it’s at the state fair!)

Then I started a scarf ON Mother’s Day, for her Mother’s Day present (oops). That was May 11.

I didn’t finish it until August 2!

You know you are a real photographer when…you put the leaf scarf in REAL leaves!

And now it’s also at the state fair. Oops.

(To be fair, it is pretty warm right now in Minnesota, so she couldn’t wear it anyways.)

Look at that bea-U-tiful yarn!

I bought the yarn and pattern during the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild annual Yarnover class day. There are many wonderful vendors and nationally-known knitting teachers that make this event well worth attending. At the very end of the market was one booth – Winterwind Farms. There, a sample scarf and lots of rustic wool yarn was calling my name. I knew the scarf would be perfect for my mom, as she tends to wear them as a decorative piece and not as much for warmth – and this scarf pattern was meant for looking at, not bundling up with!

Roubaix Wool Cloud | 65 CVM wool, 20 Cormo wool, 15 angora | light sport weight

The scarf took 2 skeins, and at $12 a piece, I’d say that is pretty affordable for locally “grown” yarn (but I am cheap, so this was the lowest cost yarn she had…).

Jonalyn Scarf pattern by Sandy D. 

The scarf is knit from the bottom up, in two halves, and then grafted together in the middle. I really enjoyed this pattern and the scalloped edges. Even though it’s written, and not charted, I was able to memorize the leaf pattern after only a few repeats! (Never thought I’d one day prefer charts over written instructions) 😉

I was looking forward to blocking this yarn, as I could tell it was going to really relax and show off the lace pattern. It was especially noticeable on the edges!

In progress and before blocking!

I wish I would have had blocking wires, but my pins worked fine. (Just took about 100 of them!)

After a soak and now blocking – what a difference!

Ahem…you may have noticed a small smiley face on my pin cushion above. (If not, look again.) Or look below.

My significant other got bored during the pinning process...
My significant other got bored during the pinning process.

I pretty much followed the pattern exactly, but I added some repeats of the leaf pattern for extra length. Other than that, it was a very relaxing knit! Check out my project page on Ravelry here.

Um, ignore the fact that it is not winter in this photo.

While my official state fair results blog post will come in a few days, I will share that it did receive 5th place in the Medium Weight Scarf class, out of 29 entries!!

You know you are a real photographer when…you change your photo to black & white. Hee hee!

How long has a knit gift taken you to finish? (Maybe I don’t want to know…) 😉

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