test knit: for the home

So far in 2014, I have completed 7 test knits – and I am on my 8th!

I started completing tests through different groups on Ravelry. Basically, designers post their projects they’d like “test knit” in different sizes, and knitters volunteer. Knitters make a sample, usually to keep for themselves, and get the pattern for free, while the designers get a proofed pattern and photos of knit samples!

They can be so difficult to keep a secret, though.

It’s been a little slow on here for those updates since most designers running testing want to keep things quiet until the polished pattern is published.

But, I recently just finished 2! * cue the blog posting *

One of those was a first for me – a pillow!

Presenting the Chai Latte Pillow. 14″ x 14″ finished size.

I usually stick to smaller items and sometimes a sweater…so a pillow seemed like a natural fit. It was small, yes, but still had plenty of knitting to keep me busy.

To be exact, it was as small as US 1 (2.25 mm) needles and fingering weight yarn!

The start of a pillow….??

I chose Knit Picks Palette fingering weight wool: Almond, my main color, and Caper, the contrast color.

It used 333y / 72g of Almond and 180y / 39g of Caper. For those of you unfamiliar with Palette, that is just under 3 skeins – and at $3.49 per skein, the total cost comes to $10.47! (And the pillow form was just under $8. But it’s still an affordable project.)

My yarn was part of a sock kit I purchased a long time ago from Knit Picks, and I remember it was on sale, so my cost of the yarn was actually less. I have finally realized I may never knit all of the kits I have, so I am trying to divvy up the yarn and use it!

I chose to knit it using the magic loop method. The pattern is written for circular knitting, and the cables are on both sides.

It’s also seamless! Judy’s Magic Cast On is used for the bottom, and the top is grafted (which took me over an hour!).

Testing the fit….so close to being done!

For some reason, I had issues checking my gauge (due to lack of attention, I think…that seems to happen a lot). I had to add a pattern repeat in each color section, which took some extra time. The measurements did turn out smaller than the pattern specified, BUT, with the magical powers of wet blocking, it grew to the perfect shape!

Photos aren't in proportion,  but the left is before blocking and the right is after.
Photos aren’t in proportion! The left is before blocking and the right is after. However, you might still be able to tell the difference between the Before and After! Wool is magic, I tell ya!

I love the finished product, even if it did take 23 hours over 27 days. 😉

See my Chai Latte Pillow on Ravelry - no login needed!
The colors fit so well in our house!
Now, nobody touch! Or sit on it! Or lean on it! 😛

See my Chai Latte Pillow on Ravelry – no login needed!




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