my thrift store notions bag

I used to be more of a thrift store person when my town had a well-known store right in downtown, near Main Street. It was always fun to see what treasures I could find – I always went for the toys, shoes, and arts & crafts when I was little. Now that our town has changed and grew, there are larger thrift stores not as close to downtown.

I had some time to kill before seeing the new Transformers movie with my Significant Other. (I was dreading sitting through the 2.5+ hour movie, and seriously considered bringing my knitting with. I had to go, as it was his birthday!) We decided to go to a newer thrift store by the theater, and we went more for his enjoyment. Much to his surprise, I was the one that walked out with a purchase!

Isn't it cute?!
Isn’t it cute?!

As soon as I spotted this floral tapestry bag, I knew I would have to buy it for a knitting notions bag. It still had its original tags, and was only priced by the thrift store at $5.50. All it has is “JADE” as an identifying brand. But I feel like I’ve seen these types of bags before – it reminded me of a tapestry tote bag I bought many years ago, which I tried to use as my knitting bag. But, that one has VELCRO, a.k.a. knitting death!

When I unzipped it to examine it, I REALLY knew I’d have to have it. Look at those see-thru pockets – wheeee, so much room for notions!

This is one side.
This is one side.
Here's the removable flap with MORE pockets.
Here’s the middle of the removable flap with MORE pockets.
And the other side has one BIG pocket!
And the other side has one BIG pocket!

I was able to fit all of my knitting notions that were housed in my interchangeable knitting needle case into their own little zippered section. (No more lost stitch markers at the bottom of a bag!) And now, I can carry all of my small-sized circular needles along. Before, they were stuck at home in a drawer. AND, I can lay my interchangeable needle pouch right in the bag!

It's very slim - only about 1.5" wide.
It’s very slim – only about 1.5″ wide when closed.

Overall, I am so happy with my thrift store find. Before, when I stuffed everything into that clear interchangeable needle pouch, I would have things fall out, get mixed up, and (*gasp*) I even lost my circular cables for my needles a few weeks ago! ….Yes, I had to order more as I still have not found them.

But no longer will I have to travel in fear with my knitting. It’s all in one place! And it fits into my main project bag.

What cool bags and/or thrift store finds do YOU have???


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