I strongly dislike surprises

Let me explain. I do like surprises that are true surprises – you think of something nice and surprise someone right away. However, it’s the planned surprises I don’t always like. Such as, birthday presents. I am the type of person that wants to give as soon as I buy or make something. I don’t like waiting until a holiday or birthday!

I was asked to teach a sock class for a group of 8 school teachers – I didn’t have any as my actual teachers throughout the years, but I knew just about all of them! I never imagined I would be teaching them something 🙂 For the class, I made a pair of sample socks. One sock was on double-point needles, and the other was on circular needles for the magic loop method.

I knew I wouldn’t need anymore plain socks in my life at this time, and I had bought this yarn with her in mine, so naturally, when I finished the pair of socks last week, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until my sister’s birthday near Christmas to officially gift them to her.

Who could leave a perfectly useful pair of socks sitting until then?! (Although, they aren’t very useful in this summer heat.)

SO BLUE. Kind of like my blue carpet in previous posts 😉

I would have had to wait 5 whole months – NO WAY! I decided to give them to her this weekend. Boy was she surprised!! (The kind of surprised-ness that I like!)

They look…ok.

Off of her feet, they looked slightly, kind of oddly, misshaped. But on, they fit perfect. I used Kate Atherley’s Socks 101 free “recipe” pattern as a guide, and cast on 48 stitches for each foot using US 3 needles. The cuff and leg were about 6.5″ long, and the foot was 7″ long to fit my sister’s US 7.5 foot before I started to decrease for the toe.

I used Regia 6-ply Square Color in Blues, which was an amazing yarn to work with. I was attracted to it for the bright blues. The 50%-off discount tag also helped 😉 I will be interested to see how this yarn holds up, as I know she will machine wash and dry them.

A perfect match!
I thought of my sister instantly when I saw the yarn color – she made two necklaces a while ago that I have, and the yarn reminded me of them.

I was also really impressed that the stripes and color changes from the two skeins matched up PERFECTLY – is this something that happens with this yarn?? If so, I must buy more!

See how the stripes match when the socks are rolled up?? COOL
The toe looks loose in this photo, but trust me – it fits!
Ok, one more photo. I just love the brightness of the blues!

This is my second time following the sock recipe pattern, and I am very happy with how they turned out. My first pair was finished earlier this year, and I gifted them to my Significant Other’s mom – and yes, that was before her birthday as well, too! (3 months, to be exact.)

Psssst…..blue carpet!!

It’s also very rare to have knit gifts done on time, much less early. Now this just means that I can knit something else for my lovely sister yet this year, in time for her birthday!

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