finished three…started 2: part 3

So when I first started this mini post series, I finished 3 projects: Crazy Color Cardigan, Diagonal Top, and Fiesta Socks. I had also started only 2. (Gee, I wonder how I thought up this post’s title). If you are a fellow knitter, you may very well know how fast that can change. Since my last post – a month ago!! – I have cast on and finished another project, and started 2 more. But let me back up to show you the socks I finally finished!

Woot woot, so festive with blue carpet!

These were part of a KAL on Ravelry – my first one! The Knit Picks Lovers group hosted a knit-along in March to celebrate / mourn the discontinuation of Knit Picks’ Felici sock yarn. It was my first time knitting with it, even though I have a bunch in my stash. I have to say that these are one of my favortiste pairs of socks so far! The knit fabric turned out nice and tight, and it’s still very soft.

It was also my first time using self-striping yarn – I didn’t bother to match the yarn tails together, as I used 1 skein for each sock, so when I ended the second sock, the stripe changed just when I needed to graft up the toe!

D’oh! A blue toe.

The first sock (on the left in the top photo) had some color runoff / feathering / whatever you want to call it in the yellow stripes, while the second sock had crisp color changes. Ah well. They still turned out bright and cheery! 😉

I was trying to limit myself to continue on and finish the other project I had started – a pair of socks for my Significant Other. This is one of those projects that I have a love/hate relationship with. I knew as soon as I bought the yarn I might be crazy, as it’s 100% bamboo and so tight and unforgiving. I can definitely feel that in my hands if I knit too long with it – it doesn’t have that nice spring that wool does. So these are a slow WIP. However, I have put this sock on one of my SO’s foot, and it fits perfect so far! (I am really afraid of getting the Second Sock Syndrome on this project…)

This is a free and super easy sock, with great texture! Project page here on Ravelry.

The other project I started has been going much better – a pair of socks for me! I already have one sock done and it fits AMAZING! If the second turns out just as perfect, they may be my newest favorite pair of socks. (So yes, I started these after the socks for the SO, and have one of mine done, but not his. Hehehe.)

Look ma, I can knit sideways!
Look Ma, I can knit sideways! Also a free pattern.

Another project (oops, can’t hold back) I started was for my mom’s Mother’s Day present. And yes, I started it on that day. Double oops. But I am over halfway done now!

Yarn and pattern were purchased from a local farm at the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild Yarnover class and market day in April. Project page is here.

This hat was started, and finished, as part of a test on Ravelry in the Free Pattern Testers group.

You can see my Sherwood Hat project page here, and the pattern for sale here.

And, finally, the other project I just started last week is a cowl to match the Sherwood Hat, also a test knit for the same designer. (I need to stay away from that Free Pattern Testers Ravelry group!!)

1/3 of the way done!

So there you have it. I learned a lot can happen in a month of knitting, and I clearly cannot stick to only a couple of WIPs at a time. 🙂

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