finished three…started two: part 2

Following from my last post, I was able to finish three projects. I shared my Crazy Color Cardigan, and was going to write about socks in this post, but my test knit wanted to be next, since the designer released the pattern!

I first hinted at this test knit in my project roll call post but didn’t give much info then. 🙂

Umm…what is that?

I couldn’t pass up testing this design in the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry. It is a sleeveless, tunic-style pullover knit on the bias with dropped stitches (say that ten times fast). It calls for fingering weight yarn – I only used 725 yards for the 41″ bust size! So it’s great for using special sock yarn. And, it only uses basic knit and purl stitches! An adventurous beginner could handle this.

I chose Knit Picks Palette, which is 100% wool (and it was a bit “sticky” to unravel). I ran short of the main color, so I finished the last corner in a nice pink – “Blush,” which is also Palette. I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but it worked pretty good with the main color! My project cost was around $10 – the main color was purchased on a Cyber Monday sale. And Palette is pretty cheap anyway.

Me trying to take a glamor shot: Holding a cardigan and ruffling my hair.

The top is supposed to be just shirt-length, but mine came out a little long. I used a size larger needles for looser fabric, and the wool grew a bit after washing (and wearing).

BUT, boy do I love it!! The fingering weight makes it nice and light, yet the wool keeps it warm. I can wear a cardigan over it with leggings and a tank top underneath, or by itself (still with the leggings and tank top!) as a tunic/dress.

This was my first time doing dropped stitches, and that sure was scary to let a stitch unravel all the way to the beginning edge of the work!

Detail of back shoulder. This stitch originated on the bottom, opposite front corner.

It took me just under 20 hours to knit this, and seam the sides together, which is not bad for a new addition to my wardrobe that I can wear all year long.

At first, I wasn’t sure of how it would turn out – it looked pretty lifeless and, well, pretty huge on my needles (and kind of lumpy).

Pre-pink addition.

But wool worked its magic during blocking, and with a few cleverly placed pleats, the top turned from a frog to a prince (0r, princess?). 😉

Ooo la la.

I have already worn it once – to the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild annual Yarnover, which is a day of classes from national knitting teachers and a great marketplace. I received lots of compliments! 🙂

The “moody” black and white shot.

Overall, I am very happy with the final results! It’s a very unique knit that isn’t too hard – it just requires measuring, Stockinette stitch, dropping stitches, and increasing and decreasing. (And seaming.)

So, with simple stitches, an affordable yarn cost, and minimal finishing (with dramatic effect!), what are you waiting for?? Find it on Ravelry – Diagonal by D. Mulligen!

And for those of you with Rav accounts, check out my Diagonal Top project page for further notes and photos. 🙂


  1. […] I forgot to take a photo I didn’t take a photo since it was one of those sweaters that was hidden and not displayed very well. So here is a photo that makes it look a lot better “on” than displayed “flat”! Read more about how this test knit went here. […]


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