finished three…started two: part 1

If only I could always have a high to low ratio of finishing projects:casting on. I was able to finish 3 projects since my last post (eek – 1 month ago!), and control myself by only starting 2 more, since I still have 7 projects in time out.

It’s done!

First, I finished my bulky weight cardigan – took me just over a month. I would have finished sooner, but the variegated yarn wasn’t on my side! It’s Plymouth Encore Chunky Colorspun with teal, pink, purple, and grey. I first bought 2 skeins at a yarn store about 7 years ago, and liked it so much I decided to make a plain pullover a few years later.

Since this was before my knowledge of The Importance of Dye Lots, I searched yarn stores over the country to buy just 4 skeins. For some reason, only a shop out east would sell me 4 – otherwise I’d have to buy a bag of at least 10 (probably ’cause this color is so crazy, and they don’t want to be stuck with it). So I ordered it, and knit the sweater front, and realized pretty quick after joining the new yarn there was a VERY big difference between the dye lots – the new skeins are more “grey,” while the originals were pretty black and had much more muted teals/pinks/purples.

That’s enough for a gauge swatch, right?

Fast forward to now. I decided to conquer this crazy color by knitting a simple cardigan, “Iced” by C. Feller, from Knity, First Fall 2010. I knew I wouldn’t have enough for the front band, so I bought some Bernat Roving from JoAnn’s craft store – it was the closest I could find to match the grey. I up-sized to US 13 needles.

Getting there…

It was going all fine and dandy until the sleeves – then the stars and planets aligned to make Really Noticeable Stripes when I decreased.

I could have had zebra arms!

I ripped out and re-knit a handful of times – decreasing a little different, joining a new skein, blah blah blah. But nope, those stripes weren’t going anywhere. So I decided to rip back where the needle is in the photo and do 2×2 ribbing for 14 rounds on US 11 needles.

On the body, I followed the decrease instructions for the shaping and then only increased once, then attached the roving yarn after the body measured 11″ from the armpits. I did 2×2 ribbing for 2″, again on the smaller needles.

The pattern calls for a garter stitch band, and like some other knitters on Ravelry, I opted for a 2×2 ribbed front. I used the roving on the smaller needles, and followed the pattern for picking up stitches. This time, the stars and planets were aligned in my favor as I ended with the right amount of stitches to start and end with k2. 😉

My artsy-angled shot.

I ended my front band shorter, at 5″ long, and sewed on two 1-3/8″ black coconut buttons with good ol’ Red Heart pink acrylic yarn. I also sewed my buttons on lower than the original pattern, as my sweater body’s length is shorter. And I used black fingering wool to crochet a chain for the button loops.

Detail of the button loops.
Detail of the button loops.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with how this turned out! (Although my significant other said that if I wore this when I was with him, he wouldn’t walk by me. Gee, thanks a lot.) The chest is 45″, with the collar overlapped, but it isn’t too huge on me! I could have decreased a little quicker on the sleeves, which I did already, but then the stripey thing may have happened sooner.

Secretly, I really do love this color yarn, but I am not sure if I am brave enough to wear it! I named this project my Totally Me / Crazy Color Cardigan on Ravelry.

When I need to get my creative juices flowing, I feel like I could put this on and then get one of those cartoon light bulbs over my head 😉 I only used slightly more than 3 skeins of the crazy yarn, so I still have 1 that is lurking in my stash. Darn!

I will definitely make this again, but probably with a nice muted tone….

Stay tuned for the next post (I promise I’ll post sooner than last time). I’ll show you my finished Fiesta Socks and what socks I started!

(P.S. The third project I finished will be posted when the designer releases the pattern! I can’t wait to show you that one!)


  1. You are ROCKING that! The fit is right on for fashion right now. And you know how much I appreciate the fiddling around to prevent the striping, right down my alley. About the SO comment, I get those, too! “oh not your clown sweater” or “i look like i’m with a football player”. I’ve learned to turn and say, TOUGH COOKIES MISTER. But it does still give me pause before I pull it out of the closet…


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