good thing I’m not in the real olympics…

…because I couldn’t even finish one knit item during the Ravellenics! (And I can’t keep a regular blog posting schedule.  But that’s not really related to the Olympics.)

On Ravelry, the Ravellenics are held during each Olympics.  How it works: You wait until the moment of the opening ceremonies then cast on like a mad (wo)man and knit like crazy to finish your project before the torch is extinguished!  You enter your project in a special event, and it can win badges for your Ravelry page (and I think real prizes, although I’m not quite sure how that works…)

There’s a special category for works-in-progress – “WIPs Dancing” was the event this year.  Since I had so many things going at once on my needles, I thought this would be perfect.  I planned to enter my cowl test in progress, a pair of socks I was knitting along for a sock class I was teaching, and a toddler sweater that I started April 2013.  But things didn’t go as planned… I finished the test cowl over a week after the Olympics, and the socks were about two weeks late.  Oh – and about that sweater – that just kind of sat in my room the entire Olympics (and is still sitting).

But let’s focus on the positives, please.  I did finish two projects!  So here are the details:

It’s so FLUFFY! And warm. And has a cute leaf tassel.

The test knit is Ochre Leaves Cowl by “Hannicraft” – a FREE pattern on Ravelry! I used just under 62g / 546y of Knit Picks Shadow lace yarn in Forest with size US 6 needles.  Because it was a pattern being tested, the stitch number to cast on was incorrect.  I ended up with 24 repeats of the leaf pattern, and the designer meant to have only 19 repeats (all mistakes have been fixed now!).  But, of course I didn’t figure that out until I did the edging and one repeat of the leaf chart – that cast on took me forever (all those little stitches), and the edging was a bit slow too.  So I stuck with the 24 repeats!  It took 24 hours to make, but turned out pretty nice, I have to say.

It's so long!
Look at that length!

My second project were some socks that I was knitting as a class sample for a sock class I was teaching in February.  One night was canceled due to a snow storm and rescheduled after the Ravellenics finished – if it weren’t for that snow storm, these would have been finished on time!

Oh yeah, BLUE carpet!

I dug out two balls of Knit Picks Stroll Multi fingering in Sunset from my stash to make these socks.  This is one of my favorite yarns from Knit Picks, but it has been discontinued for a few years now.  I based these socks off of Kate Atherley’s Socks 101 “recipe” (or find it on Knitty here) with a few changes that I like to have in my socks.  I used size US 3 needles – one sock was a Magic Loop sock and the other was a DPN sock for demos in the class.  After blocking, they are quite lovely!  They are an early birthday present for Significant Other’s mum.

Finally, that little cardigan just sat the entire time.  It’s from a class I took with JC Briar in April 2013 at the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild Yarnover class day.  I took the “Slick Set-in Sleeves” class – I learned so much!  Time in the class only allowed for one sleeve cap to be finished, and I have knit a bit more since then.  I’m adding my own stripes and using (once again) Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted yarn in Ice Lake Heather and Clarity (the stripes).

A blue sweater to match that blue carpet!

So, my goal is to finish this sweater by the end of this April since I’m taking a “Borders and Buttonhole” class from Sally Melville this year at Yarnover.  This sweater should be perfect to practice the techniques I’ll learn!  The pattern calls for a picked-up cardigan border and buttonholes.

Since the Ravellenics, I may or may not have started two more projects – more socks and a bulky weight cardigan sweater…

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