watch out for that band of owls…

I am so excited to finally tell you what’s been up for the past few months.  It all started early this year, when a friend requested a knit headband of owls after seeing my coffee cozy with my design.  After I completed that, I realized it would make a great pattern.

So, I present to the knitted-pattern-world: the Hootenanny Band!

HootenannyBand1Aren’t they cute?!

I was saving this skein of Malibrigo Rios (mentioned here) because it looked so pretty, but a last minute decision turned less than half of the skein into the headband that is modeled in my pattern.  Only approximately 65 – 80 yards of worsted weight yarn is needed.

The pattern uses US #5 needles, and either US #4, #5, or #6 for the i-cord edging, depending on the fit you want to achieve.  The headband is finished with twenty 1/4″ buttons for eyes.  I’d rate the pattern difficulty at advanced beginner+ because of cabling, i-cord, and finishing techniques.

I learned so much writing my first pattern, and I hope that others will enjoy knitting this as much as I did.

HootenannyBand2It covers your ears and keeps those fly-away bangs hidden!

If you feel so inclined, you can purchase it right here for $2.00 USD or you can mosey on over to Ravelry for more details.  I can’t wait to see the finished projects that are added to the pattern page!

I have a couple more patterns up my (knit) sleeve, and I promise I will post a “free” pattern, too! 🙂


  1. […] Sometimes the displays get a little wonky (hey, I don’t blame the workers – I would probably do a worse job!). My Hootenanny Band of Owls headband was displayed upside-down…and hee hee, I didn’t bother to tell an employee. (I probably should have though, so they could have corrected it during the fair!) Read about this original design of mine here. […]


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