fine gauge and finicky knits

I feel like I seem to attract patterns that have either lots of finishing, modifications, or fine gauge (or the above 3)?

Since I try to be the nice person I hope I am, I agreed to knit a Navy Watch Cap for a family relative.  Of course, it has to be modified and is at a fine gauge.  When will I learn my lesson?

Ravelry has the original American Red Cross 1941 pattern posted, and I have modified it to others’ suggestions, and will also be following their decrease rows instead of the original.

I’m using US size #2 needles and Knit Picks’ Palette wool fingering yarn.  At 140 stitches, and in k1 p1 rib, I must be a really nice person…

Navy Watch Cap 1Oh, and it’s black yarn!

Even though it’s tedious, fine gauge items and finicky knits always seem to turn out (maybe) a little nicer than some other knits?  Or maybe I’m trying to make myself feel better.  Well, I’m off to knit under some bright light!

P. S. I’ve been (once again) slow at posting updates, but I am finally in the process of having some patterns tested that I will be offering for sale!  More on that later…

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