a quick inc / dec reference

Just a quick post today…I’m starting to fall a wee bit behind on a regular posting schedule!

I came across a file on my computer today that I had forgotten about.  I used it when I taught some learning to knit classes, and thought I’d contribute it to the good ol’ world wide web.

Increase and Decrease DiagramJust follow from the bottom to the top.  If you need to make your knitting grow out to the left or right, use a M1.  If you need to decrease to the left or right, use a k2tog or ssk.

Might be a bit basic for some knitters, but I hope others will benefit from it!  It took me a couple years to get the hang of remembering where and what increases / decreases to use.

Also, I tend to make my ssk’s as the following: sl 1 st knit wise, sl 1 st purl wise, insert left needle through the backs and ktog.

Feel free to print it out and use it as a handy reference, or send it to someone you know that needs it!


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