ahead of schedule

I seem to have figured out a schedule for my yearly knitting plans, and it starts fresh after the state fair here in August.  I plan for fall birthdays, Christmas presents, some knitting for my small business aersyarns, and then get a break to knit more for myself right after Christmas.  Then I start planning for county and state fair projects in the spring.

Right now, I’m actually ahead for fall birthdays.  For some reason, I can never get a present done for my mom in time – last year, the mittens I made for her September birthday weren’t really done until December, and then I told her she couldn’t wear them because I was going to enter them in this year’s county and state fairs 🙂 (a project post coming about those this week!).

However, I made sure to finish something on time this year.  And, it’s already done!!

IMG_1054Modeled by Yours Truly !

I turned to a cowl pattern that I’ve already made twice – once for me, sister’s Christmas present last year, and now mom’s birthday present this year.  For some reason, it’s become a “can’t-stop-making-it” pattern for me!

IMG_1060Mom’s: Cascade 220 Paints | 100% Wool | 100g/220y | color 9826 Londonberry [1 skein]

It’s a free pattern that works for about any weight of yarn.  You can find it on Knit Picks’ website here.  I’ve only made it with worsted so far, but it’s turned out great every time!

IMG_0316Sister’s: Knit Picks Chroma Worsted | 70/30 wool/nylon | 100g/198y | mistake dyelot [1 ball]

I followed the pattern pretty much as written for all three cowls – I just added a crochet cast on to match the bind off edge, and I knit a total of 9 knit & purl rows.  I’ve found that the last chunk of “knit 4 rows” should only be 3, because I ran out of yarn during the bind off for my mom’s!  I bound off with one needle size larger.

IMG_0317Mine: 3 yarns: Knit Picks Swish Worsted | 100% merino wool | 50g/110y | Avocado & Dublin [1 ball each color]

di.Ve Butterfly | 50/35/15 wool/acrylic/alpaca | 50g/121y | color 01364 [1 ball]

On my cowl, I alternated three different yarns every time I switched to a knit or purl section.  I started and ended with the Swish in Dublin.

You can find more details about my first cowl on Ravelry, as well as my second one.

I’d love to hear about your favorite “can’t-stop-making-it” patterns!

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