quick post: state fair results

This year I plan to go to the state fair three days out of the twelve.  And I made it through my first yesterday!  We always go early for breakfast, and now that I enter projects, it’s so hard to wait on our first day through the breakfast until the Creative Activities building opens at 9 a.m., which houses aaallll of the many knitting/crocheting/quilting/sewing/all kinds of shtuff projects.

I’ve been tempted to check the online postings of results (which are up online by the first day of the fair), but that just seems like cheating.

So, after nervously eating part of my breakfast, waiting until 9, and then searching the display cases for my projects (but not being able to find one of them), I was very pleased that I placed with three of five projects entered!

state fair 1

state fair 2

Two blues!  And pretend there’s a photo of my mittens with a pink 4th ribbon…I could NOT find them!  Had to check the written postings to see if I got anything on them.

I was very happy with my Christmas sock – and was totally surprised with my sweater.  I did not think it would get 3rd or above, so those finishing details must have paid off!  There is one of each placing (up to 5th) in each class, so there are many entries that don’t place.

So, my mission(s) when I visit the fair twice more will be to find my mittens, take a photo, and to examine the top-winning items for next-year inspiration.  Sad to say, my socks did not place (plain knit and cabled), so it will be interesting to read the judges’ comment sheets when I pick up my projects after the fair!  My ego may have been a little boosted when I received a blue in the plain knit socks last year, so I guess I was betting too much on a ribbon from a sock class… 🙂


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