do I have to knit with new yarn?

I made a rare trip to a yarn shop the other day.  It’s pretty bare around my neck of the woods for any type of fiber-related goodness (the closest fiber thing we have around this town is hay or Metamucil. Ha).

One of my favorite things (ok, the best part) in a shop is just looking at the colors.  Wow.  I am always so bad at matching up colors.  I think that’s why I like cables (intricate designs with one color) or variegated yarns.  Then someone else dyes the yarn for me.  And I can never settle on just one or two different balls of color, so it’s nice to have the range variegation provides.

And, my second favorite thing, is imagining what I could buy and then make.  After looking at every yarn about four times, I still couldn’t decide.  Did I really need to buy one little ball?  I was frantically scouring my mental reserves of patterns of what this DK yarn would work for, or what that sale yarn could work into.

And then – I saw it.  One of those darn sample projects hanging in the shop; they’ll get you every time.  “Knit me, knit me!” it seemed to yell.  But, it was a single fingerless glove.  I actually hate those little things; why don’t people just knit the rest of the glove or mitten?  Such a waste, and then your fingers are still cold.

However, this was unlike other fingerless gloves I’ve seen.  It was so cushy, soft, and lightweight – 50/50 alpaca and merino wool!  I tried it on, and it hugged my hand – not at all bulky, it would be perfect as a liner or as driving mitts.  I broke down and asked for the pattern.

So, I went back to looking at yarn.  It still took me about 20 minutes to settle on a color.  I could not remember for the life of me what color my winter coat was (actually, that should be plural “coats”…).  I finally decided to go a little out of my normal range of colors and buy an orangish/redish/pinkish color.  I usually stay quite brown/black/green/purple/blue/maybe a little pink or red.

Pretty yarn 1Alpaca 2 by Isager Strik | 50/50 alpaca/merino | fingering weight | color 21

All was well and fine until I wandered past the register and back to the thicker weight yarns.  And then I decided that I’d just have to have a matching skein to make a cowl or hat.

Pretty yarn 2Rios by Malabrigo Yarn | merino superwash | worsted | color 121 Marte

So here’s a nice group photo to show them off together:

Pretty yarn 3So. Much. Color!

Pattern is Elegant Hobo Mitts by J. Christensen, which can be found on Ravelry and also under the name Fingerless Gloves (someone must have made two projects pages, maybe by accident?).

We knitters have it so rough – I just want to hang this yarn on my wall.  But then again, the faster I start knitting with it, the sooner I can buy more…

(But we all know I will buy more whether I start or not.)

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