state fair and 12 days of Christmas [part 2]

Phew.  Made a Christmas stocking in 14 days!!  Finished it on Saturday.

Christmas sock 6Fastest knitting I’ve done in a while!

I used Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes sport, which came to a cost of $12.45 for five balls.  Not bad!  I also used the magic loop technique, which eliminated double pointed needles at the toe decreasing.

The green duplicate stitching on the front design took a while, and I’d recommend doing that before the toe is fully decreased.  I had to shove my hand way down the sock to catch my sewing needle, and it got a little bulky.  But it was worth it!

Christmas sock 7Stripe side detail

The hanging loop is unique, as it’s braided from the three colors and sewn onto the folded hem.  I shoved both ends of the braid through the picot-type holes on the hem and sewed it down, as to hide the ends.

(Hmm, guess I like the word ‘shove’ today.  Shove shove.  Shoving, shoved..shove.  Ok, need to stop.)

Even with downsizing on the needles, the sock is still 19″ long by 7.5″ wide.  I could see this also knit in fingering yarn.

I officially have all of my open class state fair projects done, now.  And apparently I can’t count, as in my last post I wrote I have 6 – the excitement must have gotten to me, as I have a total of 5 (darn!).  Here they are:

Holiday sock class: see above. And here

Adult sweater, plain pullover class: the green pullover I didn’t like at first (see 1st and 2nd posts)

Socks, plain or ribbed class: my skewy socks from my first official project post

Socks, solid, texture class: Lissajous socks by Cookie A

Mittens, color pattern: Birdcage mittens by Elli Stubenrauch

I haven’t done a posting about the last two projects – I think I shall this week.

P.S.  THANK YOU to all that have ‘liked’ my posts and/or have followed my blog!  I’m still getting the hang of it, but it’s pretty exciting to share my knitting adventures.  And to be reading yours.  Good thing there’s blogging, otherwise my poor family would still be hearing about all of this (but I still tell them anyways…).

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