vintage knitting for $14

Last weekend I went to the local annual antique fair.  It’s the last thing I needed to do, as I am trying to sort through my own dusty things.  I never was really into antique stores – they’d always make me sneeze, and my mother would take forever looking at old things, and I would get cranky.  (Poor mom.  It was hard to see from her point of view.)

Well, now that I’m a bit older than a kid, I appreciate old things a little more.  Kind of.  And so I went, to this antique fair, only because my boyfriend took me (and I knew there would be cookies for sale at the 4-H food stand.)

Wouldn’t you know, the first building we went to had vintage knitting magazines for sale, and they were 50% off!  Of course I started sorting through them – there had to be 10 or 12.  After careful consideration (and asking myself if I really needed more knitting magazines/booklets), I picked out five.

Magazines 1So many patterns!

I added up the cost – $15.50!  I could get a new book instead, or even more yarn.  But, how often did I find old patterns?  I quick checked my wallet.  Drats!  I only had $14 in cash plus enough change.  I would be using some of my precious cookie money to buy these magazines.  As if it was meant to be (or maybe she was happy enough to even get that much for them), the dealer took my $14 and called it even.  I purchased (clockwise from top left) Vogue’s 1962 Fall-Winter magazine, Campus Hand Knits for Men and Women Vol. 71 (1963), Bernat Handicrafter No. 176 (1955), Fisherman’s Sweaters Vol. 84, and Lacey’s Baby Book Vol. 20 (1966).  I like the Vogue Knitting the best…by a small margin.

Magazines 2 My favorite pattern – on the cover of Vogue

I haven’t done much research yet, but a quick search showed the Vogue selling online for about $20!  The one I bought isn’t in as good condition as some I found, but as long as I like the patterns, and I can actually understand them, I’m good with that – and that they could actually fit me, as the sizing is quite different and doesn’t go too large.  My favorite pattern is on the cover, above in the photo – it’s a shame it doesn’t have a name, or even a number in the magazine.  It’s just listed with the rest of the patterns, as “on the cover.”  And guess what – more folded hems!!  The pattern is quite condensed at only two columns on the page, and that’s including the chart!

Magazines 3Such pretty models in the Vogue

Also, I’m not sure if it’s more fun trying to find a pattern to make, or just looking at the styling of the models and knit items.  The above photo is pattern #13, Shift with U-Neckline, and most other photos seem pretty modern (except for some of the hairdos, of course).

Magazines 4Might also be adding one of these to my knitting queue…

Other patterns I like are the two above from the Campus Hand Knits.  The chunky sweater on the right looks so cozy and quick to knit, while the garter stitch sweater on the left looks polished and like a good, basic cardigan.  And, the other cardigan I like is on the cover of the Bernat, which is also a basic, high-neck sweater with a cable added in the raglan shaping.

The only research I have done, besides finding a price for the Vogue, is looking at Ravelry to see what popped up when I searched “Vogue 1962.”  A men’s sweater pattern from that issue popped up, but there aren’t any projects added.

Magazines 5The bottom right sweater is in Ravelry’s pattern listings, #48 – it’s listed as #46 on Ravelry

Have you come across any older knitting patterns/magazines/booklets?  Or, have you ever knit from an older pattern?  The Vogue sweater only says “Lightweight Mohair,” so I’m not sure yet if that was actually a brand, but luckily it gives a gauge, so it shouldn’t take too much trial and error to knit if I ever get to it!


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