a magical blog where you can follow the adventures of my knitting..

Hello cyberworld!  Welcome to my blog, aersknits, where my goal is to post at least weekly on my knitting adventures.  I hope this blog will inform you, make you smile, and be a place where I can learn from you too.  

Why you should read this blog: After my dear sister taught me the basics of k-nitting ten years ago, I took that info and ran!  (Well, to knitting books.)  I since taught myself everything else I know now and have only taken four knitting classes in my life from other teachers!  (I swear, I live in the most fiber-lacking town ever.  I never get to take classes.  Or visit a yarn store regularly to stroke beautiful yarn.)  Noticing there was a void of knitting classes, I have been teaching said missing knitting classes since I was the ripe age of 18 in my community.  Now in my youngster 20’s, I feel I have knitted enough to spread my knowledge to the internet while learning from some other cool knitters!  (Or, read as: I am making a blog because I am deprived of other knitters, and I need some knitting people socialization.)

Thank you in advance for reading.  I am really looking forward to posting about what’s on my needles, tips and tricks I have learned, miscellaneous knitting thoughts, and, of course, I am looking forward to what you will share in the comments!  🙂


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