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Have you heard of technical editing but are not sure if you need it? Are you just starting to shop around for a tech editor? Are you a seasoned designer in need of a tech edit ASAP? I welcome you to contact me at aersyarns ‘at’ or aersknits on Instagram to discuss your needs!

Think of me as your Robin, Bucky, Dr. Watson, or Chewbacca!*

I review the math to make sure stitch counts and sizes fit neatly together, as well as check the written layout to the visual layout of the pattern (format, charts, schematics). I have edited for designers across the world!

You are the hero of design, and I am your sidekick to support you through the pattern process.

My current rate (as of June 2017) is a flat rate of $15 USD per pattern. If a pattern takes less than one hour, I charge per 15 minute increment. Ask about my new client discount! Email me at aersyarns ‘at’ to get connected!

Technical editing of a pattern would include:

  • English is my first language: grammatical proofing of pattern for English and correct knitting language “style”
  • Checking measurements and stitch counts for multiple sizes, including written and charted instructions
  • Pattern layout and format to meet the Craft Yarn Council’s Yarn Standards
  • Review of pattern in a Word file or PDF with comments and suggestions
  • A second review of your pattern is included in my service for free once you update the pattern with the edits and send the new version to me
  • Support for pattern upon release, if needed
  • YOUR NAME – and link to website – on my client base list, below!

I am currently working through Joeli Creates’ “Learn to Tech Edit” course online to solidify my skills while tech editing for my growing client base.

Contact me directly by email at aersyarns ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com to to show me a photo of your design, and we can work from there! 🙂 Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to the team we’ll create!

*Did you get the references? Batman, Captain America, Sherlock Holmes, Han Solo….I am your trusty sidekick!

Past clients for tech editing include:  

And they say it best!

“Thank you Anna! You are a total lifesaver. You caught so much!! I will definitely be sending all my patterns your way going forward.” -Chrissy Graham

“Thanks to you.. love to work with you…” -Marcela Chang

“Wow, thank you so much for your awesome work! This is what I was looking for! Thank you!” – Amelia Putri

“I’m so thankful, and I don’t think I can put this into words how grateful I am to you. THANK YOU.” -Josiah Bain

My Qualifications:

I have been knitting for 15 years, test knitting other patterns for 4 years, and tech editing patterns for just over 2 years. I have degrees in Psychology (BS) and Educational Leadership (MAEd). I took a special interest in learning and memorizing the many citation styles within research and relate this level of detail to the enjoyment I have while reading knitting patterns! I also work at a college….I guess I can’t get enough of learning!

Since November 2013, I have completed 30+ different test knitting projects. I have also published seven of my own patterns through Ravelry and Craftsy. This experience introduced me to the world of technical editing.

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As always, thanks for reading my blog of knitting adventures!

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